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State of the Moga address
« on: March 03, 2014, 08:15:23 PM »
Moga controllers offer two modes: Mode A, or proprietary, and Mode B, or HID. Mode A is what Pivot is used to connect and allows applications to access the controller through the manufacturer API. Mode B allows the controller to act as a standard joystick device, much like a compatibility mode.

Many of the first generation Moga controllers, such as the Hero, do not offer a Mode B. These controllers require the Moga libraries to be added to the application and will require the controller to be connected through Pivot to function. This mode is currently a work in progress.

Mode B does not necessarily require Pivot, although it does help. Mode B is fully functional within reicast and will work much the same way the Shield's built in controller works. With the controller connected to the phone or tablet via Bluetooth, you would enter the input settings, choose the controller slot, and press a button on the Moga controller to bind it to that slot.

Moga libraries are included in reicast, but currently do not provide the ability to set the controller to a slot. This is the primary issue that prevents them from being used in Mode A. This issue is being addressed and updates will be posted as they are available.

An in-depth guide for connecting the Moga in Mode B can be found at
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Re: State of the Moga address
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Thank you for crediting my guide, im glad more people will see it now.