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Dreamcast modem emulation
« on: September 15, 2016, 03:35:10 PM »

So do you think it's or would sometimes be possible to make a functional modem emulation? Because you did a pretty good job on the modem thing in nullDC (you are the guys who made it right?) but there's a problem that it won't actually connect. And yeah,I found out that someone restored the Sonic Adventure website so I wanted to check it out through the in-game browser using Demul and it's BBA support but I found out that the game doesn't support BBA and nullDC as I already mentioned didn't connect but it however detected that the modem is connected when I launched the XDP Browser the little thing on the bottom right corner was saying "Modem". In Demul it was saying "BBA" and when nothing was connected it was saying "???" so I know that it kinda works. I know there isn't much games to use this on now anyway but it would "brighten-up" the experience a little more. Especially for those who were kinda late on getting a Dreamcast and couldn't connect to the internet + they don't have their Dreamcast now (because it's actually possible to connect to that renewed site from the in-game browser even on the actual Dreamcast). And the site has some special options that are only available through the in-game browser (I think) because when I select them on my PC or through the XDP browser on Demul (yes,Demul can connect to internet through the XDP browser but won't work with an in-game browser) I get an error but I've seen a video of a guy actually using those options and he was using the in-game browser so that's probably the problem.

Please don't get mad at me or anything I would just really like to know if this is possible. But it's probably a little more likely to happen on PC then on Android right?

Thanks :)