Author Topic: Blue Stinger bug  (Read 1023 times)


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Blue Stinger bug
« on: January 14, 2016, 10:19:32 AM »
I'm playing Blue Stinger and experiencing a problem. I'm about 4hrs in.. I'm just leaving Rats basement, as my character walked up the stairs and the next seen loads, the game locks up. Its flashes the next seen just for a moment. Music continues to play and I can see my energy and stuff but the screen goes black. Actually the entire emulator is locked up. Well I can press menu on my device and pull up the emu options however nothing works.. not even the exit. I press the home button on my phone and after a long lag.. it finally kicks out but the music still plays. I have retried 5 or 6 times but same thing every time. Using Samsung s4 with moga pro power. I really want to continue.