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Reicast on Shield Tablet
« on: November 16, 2015, 06:52:33 PM »
Does anybody else have experience at using Reicast on the Shield Tablet? First Android device I have used that seems to have the appropriate horsepower for emulation.
Using the latest unsupported build and am pretty impressed. r7 (Odba81b)
Hopefully closer to an updated official release?
As with all emulators, will never be perfect, but if the A-list games are concentrated on then this should be good enough.
Games I have tried
Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 seem to run flawlessly in widescreen at full speed
Crazy Taxi 2, a few minor graphical artifacts in widescreen, but full speed
Rush 2049 very smooth, but only 4:3
Resident Evil 3, perfect, but only 4:3
Tee off golf, full speed and widescreen.
Dead or alive, full speed, widescreen with a few graphical artifacts.
Metropolis, full speed but only 4:3
F1 Grand Prix II, full speed, widescreen, minor graphical problem on rear view mirrors.
Code Veronica, pretty good, full speed, missing on screen text?
Walt Disney magical racing, full speed, widescreen, very smooth. Almost feels too fast.
Vampire Chronicle, pretty good, only 4:3

Some games that do not work.
Trick-style, major graphical artifacts
Star wars racer, will not boot
Looney Toons space race, freezes when booting.

I guess they will be games that can never effectively be emulated without breaking existing working games.
Trick style and Star Wars Racer for example used to work older builds.