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Bug reports / Reicast crashing on controller editor
« Last post by StickyFingers on December 23, 2016, 06:00:33 AM »
I managed to get reicast to work on my galaxy s5 however when I try to edit the controls to move them around and make them larger, the app crashes. Everything else works fine, can someone help please?
Feature Requests / Respectfully Request a WiiU Version of Reicast :)
« Last post by ploggy on November 25, 2016, 09:22:48 PM »
I would like to request a WiiU version of reicast. Playing Dreamcast on the WiiU controller would be awesome :)

Thank You.

So here is what is going on.
I have correctly set the path to the BIOS file and the reicast emulator see's it as it no longer tells me to set the path for the BIOS.

This BIOS is saved on an external SD card (although I have tried the internal SD and it too didn't work). When I swap the SD card to an Android Phone which also had reicast, it works without issues. When I put it on the device in question (which is an Android Car Stereo Head Unit) what happens specifically is this.

#1 I press Boot BIOS
#2 Screen turns black
#3 about 10 seconds of blank screen
#4 I am taking back to the "Browser Menu" of Reicast. Reicast does not crash, just gives me a black screen when I attempt to load the BIOS before taking me back to the Browser Menu. I have tried changing my "area" but it did not help.

I have attached some images of my Android configuration:

Can anyone help me?
Bug reports / Shenmue crashes in disc 3
« Last post by VarelaPet on October 26, 2016, 01:32:39 PM »
Hey there, guys

I think this is an already known issue, but just in case I wanted to arouse it again: Shenmue crashes whenever you try to enter Warehouse no. 18 when you play disc 3 of the game. Is there a way to fix this or do we have to wait for future builds of this fantastic emulator? (I hope they also fix the Space Harrier glitch).

Thanks in advance!
Bug reports / Re: Problem with analog.
« Last post by retroben on October 23, 2016, 10:01:45 PM »
I've been with the same issue since over a year ago,but moreso of not being able to map analog to anything.
I don't wanna be forced to use Dolphin Emu Android because of some issues even though I can use cheats if I want to for added fun and Reicast lacks cheat access for using the 60fps codes to prevent frame loss.

Such a shame Reicast has seemed to be dormant for quite some time though.
Bug reports / Problem with analog.
« Last post by B_CANSIN on October 14, 2016, 02:11:02 AM »
I have problem with my joystick I cannot use my joysticks analogs. Also I am trying to d-pad in sonic adventure but its usuless because sonic adventure need analog. My analog working fine in pspsps but in reicast it wont work. Is there is any config for analogs? Also I played Sonic adventure 2 in pc with keyboard there is no problem with it. I really need help Joystick so needed on it. Touchscreen analog isn't good for me.
Discussion / Help with ROM files format
« Last post by Everett999 on October 02, 2016, 11:46:10 PM »

When I download Dreamcast games I get two formats: ZIP or RAR.

When I UNZIP or UNRAR them on my macintosh I get:

1. A .bin and cue file


2: a couple of files like Track 1 Track2.RAW Track 3 and a small .GDI file (87 bytes or so)

Am I doing something wrong? How can I make a Reicast usable game file out of these?

Feature Requests / Resolution, Resolution, Resolution.
« Last post by DreamcastingMe on September 28, 2016, 08:34:15 AM »
I love the emulator... the work you guys have done is incredible
but I have a little problem...
I have a Motorola phone, it has a 1080p screen
the phone can handle that resolution for most standard stuff... but my phone can't handle Reicast running at that resolution.
I installed a third party resolution changer... at 720p Reicast runs AMAZING! no slowdowns at all. but. changing my system resolution messes up with my phone...
Could you please just add a resolution option? I mean, come on, it's a standard these days.
could you add render resolutions that are not necesarily a mirror of our phone's native res?
Yeah, a phone can run at 1080p some normal functions, but forcing all dreamcast games to run at 1080p is insane for a budget phone (specially when they're being emulated)
With Pixel density these days 720p would improve performance significantly and have minimal loss of quality... come on, it's common sense.
Bug reports / Re: Shenmue's Hang On and Space Harrier glitches
« Last post by VarelaPet on September 27, 2016, 07:20:11 PM »
Good news! The latest build (25th of September) is fixed and now it doesn't crush. Besides, Hamg On is fully playable with sound. Space Harrier still doesn't work and it throws you back to the emulator menu...
Bug reports / (BUG) Soldier of Fortune flickering and many more
« Last post by brand175 on September 27, 2016, 08:01:14 AM »
(samsung tab 2) on the (d8a7212 build) the screen on the title flickers but on the first 2 levels the screen is perfect. When it comes to the 3rd level a white flicker happens. I kind of fixed it by + framerate but the screen stays clear until it decides to turn white and repeat. But on the (Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet  same build) no flicker happens at all. On this tablet i noticed once i played the game for a little bit switching weapons but when i cycled couple of times i noticed theirs no guns but the muzzle fire shows sometimes when i play this doesn't happen. The tablet while playing the tutorial when you jump over the boxes and get to the sniping place he talks for one second and the game freezes but the audio loops and repeats the last couple of words he said. 
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